The Sugar10 Program

A personalized prevention program that focuses on lifestyle changes and, in some cases, medications to effectively reduce blood sugar levels and cardiovascular disease. 

The Sugar10 Prevention Plan

Our providers use technology to record various biomarkers that we can use to create a personalized plan for you.  This plan includes lifestyle changes and in some cases medications that will effectively reduce your blood sugar levels and reduce cardiovascular disease.

Through this process our healthcare providers will examine how your body metabolizes food through the data collected from a CGM or a Continuous Glucose Monitor and create a customized plan to improve your health.

How Does Diabetes work?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that causes sugar to accumulate in the blood rather than being absorbed and used. Think of it like your air conditioner:

The Sugar10 Program is an engagement program.

Unlike medications and programs that focus on weight, we focus on your metabolism in order to determine what is the best plan for YOU to live a long and healthy life with reduced medications.

It’s all about  YOU!

The first thing our providers focus on is YOU and your goals. What YOU want to accomplish is important in establishing attainable goals.

Once initial goals are established, our providers take the time to review your medical history, medications, exercise and dietary habits, and most importantly your personal goals on your initial visit.  Based off initial medical charts, our providers will determine the best biomarkers to use in order to generate your Sugar10 Plans.

These biomarkers include BMI, triglyceride, ketone, and blood sugar tests that generate a Sugar10 footprint.

Next, we’ll install a CGM on the back of the upper arm. Once installed, we will take the first reading to measure your glucose levels.

The continuous glucose monitors or CGMs are a tool that we use to record your blood sugar levels.  They are installed in your upper arm and stay in place for 14 days.  The CGM captures your blood sugar levels every five minutes.

Your blood sugars rise due to the foods you eat and lower based on how much insulin your pancreas creates thereby creating a personalized waveform based off your metabolism.  This is key in determining how your body reacts to foods, exercise, and how your body reacts when at rest.

Our providers then use algorithms to evaluate the waveforms and determine the first steps to develop a plan specific to YOU.

This process is all about learning and educating YOU about how your body works.

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